13 ноября 2021 г. компания «Санитарная авиация» выполнила транспортировку пациента с диагнозом «Новая коронавирусная инфекция Covid-19, двусторонняя пневмония.


8 декабря 2021 г. наша санитарная авиация выполнила транспортировку пациентки с тяжелой сочетанной травмой отдельным воздушным судном Cessna


Medical support

We have a lot of requests from people who need medical support of the elderly or hard sick relative on any trip, during repatriation or crossing to other residence address. In that case, we provide doctor and medical assistant with the patient and that doctor has necessary set of medicines, and also the equipment for rendering the first medical aid. We help to old persons feel comfortably on the trip.

If you need to go abroad for the treatment,we have doctors who speak English-, German, Italian, French who will render the first medical aid and also will track hospitalization of the patient in case of need , and also will remain with the patient up to the decision about further treatment or homecoming.

Also we work with the companies, which organize and provide extreme sports competitions or extreme tourism. Our doctors accompany and render necessary support in extreme tours, and also our doctors work on competitions with high risk and in zones of the high risk.


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