12.01.2020  Владивосток - Москва авиа транспортировка, в сопровождении врача реаниматолога


28.12.2019 выполнена транспортировка тяжелой больной чартерным рейсом авиакомпании по маршруту Пунта-Кана


In case of disabilities to move

Sometimes, there are situations when transportation of the patient from a hospital into another hospital is not possible in view of patient’s disabilities to move (that is when the risk of transportation higher than risk of treatment on a place) or the patient can be transported only after stabilization of a condition.

In this case doctors-experts who come with a brigade or separately, advise the patient and prepare for transportation. In case of patient’s disabilities of move , supervise it together with doctors of a hospital till the readness moment of the patient to transportation in the specialized hospital.

Usually, the decision about transportation of the patient is accepted jointly, the doctor-expert, the doctor of the hospital and the doctor of a mobile brigade, however, the responsibility for the patient during transportation is born only by the doctor who is providing this transportation.

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