13 ноября 2021 г. компания «Санитарная авиация» выполнила транспортировку пациента с диагнозом «Новая коронавирусная инфекция Covid-19, двусторонняя пневмония.


8 декабря 2021 г. наша санитарная авиация выполнила транспортировку пациентки с тяжелой сочетанной травмой отдельным воздушным судном Cessna


Aero transportation abroad

The geography of our departures mentions not only the majority of large Russian cities, but also a lot of different countries of various continents. The majority of our employees have the multy entry Schengen visa, that allows not only to take away the patient at the airport of the European state , but also provide preparation of the patient for transportation. In case of patient treatment abroad transportation we have various countries administrative support of consulates for getting visa , that allows us to getting visa in the shortest terms, but not only for our employees, also for the patient and relative.

Our employees will book air tickets of any airline-carrier, we will consider different variants of various airlines and we will find accessible variant for realization of medical transportation regular or a charter flight. Besides that we will help you not only to order hotel or chamber in medical clinic in the city of the patient stay, but also to develop the individual program of your stay in other country.

Usually relatives of the patient have a lot of problems with transportation, connected with coordination and requirements of flight airlines of the bed patient. These problems we are ready to solve. We have arrangements with many airlines-carriers, the equipment is certificated, each oxygen cylinder transported by us is tested and certificated for flights, in order to prevent complexities at transportation of a dangerous cargo which is oxygen.

We have the information about regular and charter flights of the various companies, that is why connection flights at transportation of the patient in some cities or the countries, becomes not so hard. Flight should be completed with minimally time spent, it is necessary for the patient.

Besides that, requirement of airlines is installation of a special stretcher for transportation of the patient. In this case we organize the application for each flight and at the appointed time the airline installs the corresponding equipment.

For the speed up process of passport control we provide interaction with medical aid stations of the airports, where our doctors with the patient pass customs and emigration control, then the patient goes on the aircraft board, passing the general passage way of the control.

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