13 ноября 2021 г. компания «Санитарная авиация» выполнила транспортировку пациента с диагнозом «Новая коронавирусная инфекция Covid-19, двусторонняя пневмония.


8 декабря 2021 г. наша санитарная авиация выполнила транспортировку пациентки с тяжелой сочетанной травмой отдельным воздушным судном Cessna




“Sanitarnaya Aviaciya” +7 (495) 774 03 03


“Sanitary Aviation” is created by common effort of leading experts in the sphere of medical transportation of sick, large Russian airlines-carriers, experts of organization medical evacuation and repatriation of patients from remote regions and the states, experts in the sphere of insurance medicine. We provide a full spectrum of medical transportation services from “bed to bed’, in full conformity with the international rules of transportation of hard sick patients and victims. Our aircrafts are equipped by all necessary equipment for rendering assistance to the patients who are in extremely hard condition. Employees of “Sanitary Aviation” have huge experience of long patients transportations, and also an operational experience in conditions of extreme situations and mass accidents. The geography of our departures mentions not only the majority of large Russian cities, but also a lot of different countries of various continents. The majority of our employees have the multy entry Schengen visa, that allows not only to take away the patient at the airport of the European state , but also provide preparation of the patient for transportation. In case of patient treatment abroad transportation we have various countries administrative support of consulates for getting visa , that allows us to getting visa in the shortest terms, but not only for our employees, also for the patient and relative. Besides that we have own park of modern reanimobiles, (patient delivery to steps of the aircraft, hospitalization, ground transportation in case of impossibility of air transportation).


We have united the best in our company that there is in Russia, in connected with the organization of medical transportation and evacuation of patients. When you are searching for the corresponding organization, do not forget to request the license for medical services which completely should correspond to recommendations and requirements of Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.

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