13 ноября 2021 г. компания «Санитарная авиация» выполнила транспортировку пациента с диагнозом «Новая коронавирусная инфекция Covid-19, двусторонняя пневмония.


8 декабря 2021 г. наша санитарная авиация выполнила транспортировку пациентки с тяжелой сочетанной травмой отдельным воздушным судном Cessna


Sanitary Aviation

Medical transportation. Evacuation. Medical repatriation.

We are working , when other advertise...

The 24/7 Service of “Sanitary Aviation” in as much as possible short terms provides medical transportation of the patients who are in extremely hard conditions in any place of the world. We are always ready for the flight, that is why we can complete a lot of the complicated questions, concerning medical aero transportation, with using the only one in Russia specialized medical aircraft "Lear Jet 55", equipped by the current medical equipment.


“Sanitary Aviation” was created by common effort of airport “Vnukovo-3”,”Vipport” company, ”SkyCity” company and medical company “Proffesionalnaya Medicinskaya Liga”.


If you are searching for the company-carrier or the medical company, remember! Only “Sanitary Aviation” has specially equipped, certificated medical aircraft in Russia. Any other organizations, who produce similar services are intermediaries, or they don not provide medical aircraft!


            Our advantages:

  • 24/7 Service (We are produce flight during 3 hours since the moment we received the application)
  • Basing of medical aircraft Learjet 55 in Moscow (airport Vnukovo-3)
  • Call-center and the dispatching board of “Sanitary Aviation“ service, Multichannel, 24/7 phone +7(495) 774-03-03
  • Highly skilled medical and flight crew
  • Aeromobile Medical Group in structure of crew (English, German, Russian-speaking medical crew ) Own park of Ford and Volkswagen reanimobiles
  • The Opportunity of reanimobile to go in the aircraft direction
  • We are working with airlines and brokers
  • 45 insurance companies-partners
  • The Opportunity of hospitalization patient in Russia or different countries
  • A lot of partners (The European and Russian clinics)
  • Medical Assistance in any place of the world
  • Negotiations with medical institutions on the location or planned place of arrival of a sick
  • Visa support for the patient and accompanying persons
  • Organization of stay the patient and accompanying persons abroad
  • Control of departure and root of aircraft
  • Support of the patient in reanimobile during transportation by ground way
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